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Spend on IT demands comprehensive lifecycle support; from supply chain strategy, through procurement and contract award, into ongoing supplier management. Finyx’s capability has evolved from our participation in numerous technology sourcing projects, ranging from the selection of a single outsource provider, through to establishing complex multi-supplier ecosystems and bespoke procurement frameworks. We help our clients design their supply-chain, run competitive procurements, negotiate contracts, track supplier performance and manage costs.

“This is an exciting time in the Metropolitan Police Service as Digital Policing embarks on the final stage of its move to a new way of working… This new framework will enable the MPS to significantly reduce the time it takes to complete a competitive tender.”

-Angus McCallum, CIO Digital Policing


Business Case Development

We create business cases that focus on strategic alignment, investment objectives and delivering value for money. We conduct thorough options analysis and full economic appraisal of costs, benefits and risks. We articulate commercial strategy, business change approach and plans for delivery. Our accredited business case professionals are proficient in use of HMT’s 5 Case Model mandated for use within the UK Public Sector.

Supply Chain Design & Implementation

We use a combination of market scanning and best practice to help clients establish high performing supply chains. We advise on supplier capabilities, lotting strategy, service boundaries and supply chain sustainability impact. We assist our clients to get the best from their supply chain by developing approaches to supplier performance management, incentivisation and risk-sharing, continuous improvement, and collaboration in multi-supplier environments.

Procurement Support​

Finyx provide end-to-end lifecycle support for your procurements. We conduct route-to-market analysis and early market engagement; we develop requirements, evaluation criteria, tender documentation and cost models; we prepare data rooms and manage clarifications; and can go on to support contract drafting, supplier negotiation and process guides.

Supplier Management

Finyx specialise in helping our clients work effectively with their suppliers. We focus on supplier relationship management, performance management and contract management (esp. effective commercial change control). We provide supplier insight through our Supplier Playbooks covering behavioural drivers, negotiating strategies, and opportunities based on market position and challenges. We also advise on ways of working and behaviours to improve relationships with suppliers.

Technology Business Management

Finyx are able to assist our clients to mobilise a TBM programme; offering an independent and vendor-agnostic view of the market. We assist with use-case identification, market scan, data readiness, creation of TBM personas and tailored TBM roadmaps. We provide oversight to strengthen your team during your delivery, and if you have already adopted TBM, we help drive greater value from your investment by identifying cost reduction opportunities


Business Case Development Toolkit
Developed over many years of authoring business cases for our clients, our extensive business case toolkit contains templates, tools and data to support the creation of programme and project business cases for both our private and public sectors clients. Our economic appraisal model is supported by a library of investment objectives, critical success factors, benefits and risks that rapidly accelerate creation of your spending proposal.
Should Cost Model
Our internally developed should cost model allows for the capture and analysis of assumptions, costs, risks, and benefits across multiple potential solution options. It provides clear and auditable financial projections for use in the creation of business cases, procurement exercises, project initiation documents etc.
Solution Requirements Framework
The ‘SRF’ provides a rigorous methodology for gathering and presenting requirements to support procurements and the drafting of contracts. The framework includes linked artefacts (service register, service criticality classes etc.) that are used to capture and organise requirements in a structured way. Use of the SRF greatly improves the bidder experience and can reduce the end-to-end procurement timeframe.
Procurement Kickstarter
By supporting our clients through numerous procurements we have developed a comprehensive library of artefacts for use at each stage in the process. We have compiled a full set of high quality templates and data that includes route-to-market assessment tools, standard tender questions, evaluation criteria, scoring models, bidder scoresheets, and plans and reports to communicate status.
Supplier Performance Framework​
The ‘SPF’ is a clearly articulated and comprehensive performance management methodology that can be applied to a single supplier contract or a multi-supplier ecosystem. At its core, the SPF includes an extensive library of KPIs aligned to standard technology services, that can be tailored to meet individual client needs.
Supplier Playbooks
Finyx have compiled a comprehensive set of pricing data based on standard technology roles. This allows us to assist our clients to validate that they are receiving value for money from their technology suppliers by analysing how supplier charges (either actual or proposed) compare to industry standards.
Supplier Rate Library
Finyx have compiled a comprehensive set of pricing data based on standard technology roles. This allows us to assist our clients to validate that they are receiving value for money from their technology suppliers by analysing how supplier charges (either actual or proposed) compare to industry standards.
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