Mental Health Champions

Our Commitment

At Finyx we recognise that our people’s mental health is just as critical to their wellbeing as their physical health. We are committed to ensuring our staff’s mental health is prioritised, that they feel comfortable at work and are confident that support is available should they need it. Together, we aim to make Finyx a workplace where our people can be themselves and feel comfortable discussing their mental health as they would their physical health. All support we provide, or is provided by professionals, is delivered in confidence, without judgement or prejudice. We recognise seeking assistance is often difficult, particularly in a professional setting, but taking that first step shows real strength and courage; qualities we admire.  

Mental Health Champions Board

As Mental Health Champions, we are colleagues from all levels of seniority who work with Finyx’s Leadership Team to shape policies and practices to best support our people’s mental wellbeing and provide support to colleagues outside the traditional line management system. 

Our primary purpose is to provide confidential support to any of our colleagues who are looking for help, have questions and queries related to mental health, or for anyone concerned about another colleague. With the support of qualified mental health first aiders, we will always listen in confidence to any colleague who is struggling and signpost them towards appropriate resources and services. All our staff have access to counselling through the medical insurance Finyx provides. 

In addition to providing support and advising on Finyx policy, we raise awareness of mental health, challenge stigma and educate. We work with our colleagues to promote an inclusive working environment where our mental health, and the mental health of our peers, is respected and considered at all times.  

Meet some of our Champions


"Our mental health determines how we feel, how we think and how we act. It’s the primary factor that dictates our well-being, emotionally, socially and professionally. The provision of mental health support is, in my opinion, the single most important thing an organisation can do for its employees. I feel luck that not only is that support provided at Finyx, we as the Mental Health Champions are given the power to shape and improve it."
Garrick Bainbridge
"Mental health impacts every aspect of our lives and can have a direct impact on how we perform both at work and at home. Finyx takes great pride in treating our employees as human beings rather than a cog in a wheel. By providing the ability to reach out for support or become more educated about mental health we aim to help everyone be successful in their careers and personal lives alike."
Alexandra Barbour
"Healthy mind leads to healthy body. Investing time into understanding mental health allows me to make a positive impact on myself and others, especially in the times of uncertainty. I volunteered to be a mental health champion to help others listen to their body and become their happier, authentic selves."
Val Yuskevych
"I come from a culture where mental health isn’t taken seriously at all. It’s seen as a form of laziness or lack of strength. I’ve seen people suffer but refuse to acknowledge it or are afraid to speak up. Mental health is something we should pay attention to throughout our lives, and having a support network around you, whether it’s at home or at work, is very important."
Abz Adi
“As somebody who has dealt with mental health struggles over the course of my adult life, it was a no brainer to volunteer as a Mental Health Champion. I hope my experience and knowledge in this area can help others to live a healthier life."
Sam Howes
"There should be a medium for individuals to discuss the difficult events that may be going on in their life. Those struggling with mental health issues, visible or not, deserve the support and guidance necessary for them to live healthier lives."
Anis Hasan

Internal Initiatives

Finyx is proud to support a number of employee-run initiatives focused on creating a safe and inclusive working environment for all staff, as well as the communities around us. All of our initiatives are backed by leadership, and we are broadening our focus as we continue to grow as a firm.

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