About Us

Finyx is a wholly independent IT advisory business that is singularly focused on solving actual client problems. All of our leaders hold line roles in Blue Chip corporates or large public-sector organisations, giving us unique insight as to what “good delivery” feels like from a client’s perspective. We balance our teams with people who have significant line-management experience alongside those with exceptional consulting skills.

We approach latest trends with healthy cynicism – seeking to understand what practical value can be extracted and how to make new solutions work in practice. We pride ourselves on being “to the point”, honest and genuinely caring about making our clients and people successful.

Our Clients

Our clients are strategically vital for the UK economy and the delivery of our public services. We are focused on impact and outcomes – we only take on work that is going to make a difference. Everything we do has to be worthwhile; we are only interested in delivering sustainable change.

We are a truly independent client-side only consultancy – our only loyalty is to our clients. We offer a unique mix of consulting pedigree and veteran industry experience to give our clients the best chance of success. 

A subset of our clients can be seen below:

Our Values

We believe values are more than just words.


We are realistic with our clients and our people – we don’t believe in unrealistic deadlines and we only sell projects that are deliverable in sensible timeframes by working sensible hours.

Hard Work

People working 60-hour weeks and sending emails late at night doesn’t impress us – delivering tangible outcomes do. We work hard but smart.


Everyone has a voice, and anyone can talk to anyone, propose an idea, or call out anything they don’t think is right.


We have no limits, promotion targets, or quotas. Individuals are promoted when they are ready and because they are ready, regardless of gender, race or any other factor.


We give our people autonomy. If you are good enough to work for us, you are good enough to make decisions.


We sell value and our clients trust us to deliver. Our reputation is everything to us.

You’ll see many of these words in other companies, the difference is we live by them.

Contact Us

With 3 UK offices and a global network, we are well equipped to answer your technology related query. Please get in touch to see how we can help you.