Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Commitment

At Finyx, we are committed to fostering positive relationships within our communities (specifically in York, Belfast and London where our three offices are located). We focus on effectively leveraging our consultants’ wide and varied skillsets to create a tangible influence on local organisations & charities. We aim to incorporate CSR principles into our ways of working, encouraging all of our staff to pro-actively suggest new initiatives (drawing from their own personal experiences) and view CSR as an enjoyable and rewarding part of their working life, as opposed to a “box-ticking” exercise.

We also apply these principles internally, regularly reviewing our workplace practices to ensure that we factor environmental sustainability into our day-to-day operations and that we operate in an ethical and inclusive way (in accordance with our ID&E Commitment).

CSR principles are also at the heart of our client practice. We are committed to delivering a high quality of service to our customers, working with their best interests at heart. Specifically, when working with our regional and national public sector clients, our CSR values and initiatives help us to understand the importance of and prioritise delivering value to the UK public.

Our Partners

One of the key responsibilities of the board in 2022 was selecting our partner organisations by office location for 2023. Below are our partners

York Community Consulting:

Is a pro-bono business management consultancy based out of the University of York. YCC offer consulting services to multiple charities and other start-ups. The Finyx York office (FDC) have worked collaboratively with York Community Consulting over the past 4 years and we are now their official partner meaning we will be aiming to provide support across multiple areas including mentorship of project managers, general guidance on consulting practices, and targeted workshops on employability, workplace skills etc. 

Queens Consulting Society:

Is a branch of the Irish Students Consulting Group (ISCG).  They offer students the opportunity to take part in real life consulting projects with start-ups and larger businesses.  This provides students with great networking and development opportunities to help students prepare for future consulting roles.  Finyx NI are supporting Queens Consulting Society by providing student mentorship, essential skills workshops and industry & consulting insight sessions.

Details of our London-based partner organisation will be shared in due course.

Corporate Social Responsibility Board

To help us achieve our commitment, the CSR board leads our CSR activities and decides on the steer for forward-looking priorities, whilst ensuring all employees are offered the opportunity to opine and have their view represented.

The board has representatives from across our grades and locations, reflecting the enthusiasm and drive of our whole workforce to make Finyx a valuable part of our communities and to ensure we recognise and meet our corporate responsibilities. We rotate the membership of the Board annually, to provide the opportunity for as many employees as possible to serve on it and to ensure fresh perspectives are included on our chosen initiatives  and whether these best utilise our skills to have a genuine impact.

The Board oversees our CSR as defined in its broadest sense as well, including looking after community involvement in more detail. Specifically, the Board are responsible for:

  • maintaining and implementing our CSR policy
  • overseeing, managing and evaluating community involvement activity
  • managing the selection of partner organisations with which we will carry our community involvement 
  • managing relationships with external parties involved 

Meet the board


“Organisations have a responsibility to be a part of a community, not just to fulfil a single function. The resources and skills possessed by companies give them the opportunity give back to the communities they are a part. This means that employees should be empowered to support their communities with with the help of the company. The CSR approach at Finyx really embodies this principle, supporting charities in our communities and allowing employees to use our skills and resources to create a real positive impact for those around us.”
George Crowder
“As an organisation, it is important that we recognise our collective ability to have a positive social, economic and environmental impact particularly on our local respective areas. We foster the development of skills that not only equip us to help our clients, but also provide support to charities and other organisations that seek to create a positive local impact.”

Dom Ryan
“CSR is a vital part of any organisation, we all have a collective responsibility to give back and make a positive impact in our local communities. I have been volunteering within my local community for many years, so it was a no brainer to get involved in Finyx’s CSR board.  We have implemented a CSR approach that reflects our employees values and empowers them to use their skills and experience to make a positive impact throughout our CSR partners.”
Jonothan Orr
"As individuals, we have a huge amount of transferrable skills that can benefit a variety of organisations. At Finyx, we have recognised this and have extended our CSR responsibilities beyond simply fund-raising and actually help our partner organisations at their core. This is a quintessentially Finyx way of approaching things – ensuring that whatever we do is impactful and makes a difference, and I am proud that this philosophy of ours has extended into our CSR function."
Tiffany Roberts

Internal Initiatives

Finyx is proud to support a number of employee-run initiatives focused on creating a safe and inclusive working environment for all staff, as well as the communities around us. All of our existing initiatives are backed by leadership, and as we grow as a firm so will our focus.

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