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This Service Line draws upon our experience managing a range of risk types for organisations including cyber, privacy, operational and regulatory risk. We have brought together a number of related disciplines to realise economies of scale and leverage synergies in our consultant’s skills. While some previous engagements have been transactional, Finyx are now shaping our service offerings to deliver a more holistic response to the risk challenges our clients face in the current socio-economic landscape.

“Finyx consistently over-delivered against our expectations, we couldn’t have made anywhere near this kind of progress without them. Their level of insight, their work ethic, and their commitment to helping us achieve a better service for our users has been invaluable.”

– Jonathan Prosser, Chief Clinical Information Officer



Cyber Security Advisory

Finyx provide our clients with insight and strategic direction on the evolving cyber threat landscape. We advise on cyber risk management and appropriate responses based on an organisations risk appetite. We help forecast and measure the impact of changes to the organisations security posture and we align our approach and deliverables to industry standard frameworks such as ISO27001 or NIST.

Privacy Advisory

We help organisations to assess their information privacy posture, seeking to identify both blind spots and opportunities for improvement. We apply the principles of the Confidentiality / Integrity / Availability (CIA) triad to guide the development of information security policies. In addition, we are also able to conduct specific assessments, for example, exposure to GDPR legislation.

Operational Resilience

We offer a maturity assessment of the overall operational resilience of an organisations services, including critical service discovery and analysis, and mapping of the required people, systems, data and locations against each service. Where resilience falls below the required target, we identify options to improve, and can support a plan to address. Finyx are fully cognisant of, and align to, the operational resilience requirements within the financial services sector.

Regulatory Tech Compliance

Finyx support our clients to better understand the objectives of technical regulatory oversight and their obligations in this space. We conduct an assessment of technical compliance risks and where non-compliance is identified, we present likely impact scenarios and mitigation options that are commensurate with the level of potential impact.


Finyx are able to provide our clients with the benefits of a qualified CISO on board at a fraction of the cost. This service includes a monthly provision from our Finyx CISO for internal / external meetings or presentations, in addition to our Cyber and Information Security capabilities, and other core Finyx capabilities.


Cyber Maturity Assessment
Our structured assessment provides an organisation with both a qualitative and quantitative view of their Cyber Maturity. Our approach is aligned to an industry standard framework and assessed using the CMMI model. Outputs include a prioritised high-level remediation plan and board-ready executive summary of findings and potential impacts.
Cyber Vault
For organisations that face a high threat of ransomware, a Cyber Vault solution is an effective way to create a highly protected area within your network that would allow you to recover your critical business processes should the worst happen. The solution is easier to implement, and the level of protection exceeds that offered by a typical network segregation retro-fit.
Cyber Detect & Response Testing
Our ‘Red Team’ team test your organisation’s preparedness for a cyber attack through simulated attack activities. We use real-world hacking tools and techniques in an ethical manner to attempt to bypass your preventative controls and access your systems and data. Our tabletop exercises allow you to test your incident response plan in a safe manner, using role-play as a particularly effective tool to assess your business response to a successful attack.
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