Life at Finyx

Why choose Finyx?

There’s no such thing as work life balance – there’s just life. We believe work is an important aspect of a happy life. It should be:


Full of friendship


Family First

Intellectually Stimulating

Team Spirited

Everyone who works for us understands how they are personally supporting our business and our clients. In return, we understand that they need to look after their children, drop their car at the garage, and go to the dentist. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be real people and our clients wouldn’t trust them to deliver. We trust our people to manage their lives and give them the autonomy to do so. If you don’t believe us, watch the below video to find out what our consultants say about working here.

Employee Testimonials


" I thought it was important for our culture that colleagues had the option to meet face to face regularly, so I managed the set-up of our London Collaboration Centre."
Darcey Jones
Principal Consultant
"In founding the I,D&E board at Finyx, I have created the space for myself and colleagues to meaningfully input into all areas of the firm"
Kelechi Okeahialam
Senior Consultant
"In order to meet our ambitious growth targets, we needed a well-defined recruitment process, which I designed, implemented and now own."
Abz Abi
Managing Consultant
"During the interview process we spoke about digital marketing and online brand presence - I now own the companies branding and marketing capability."
Tiffany Roberts
Principal Consultant
"We saw an opportunity to expand the Northern Ireland footprint and were empowered to make it happen."
Alasdair Frazer
Managing Consultant
"I've gone from a generalist to specialist since joining Finyx as a graduate. I now comfortably lead client initiatives."
Ben Piper
Principal Consultant

Fun at Finyx

We want a happy and healthy place to work where the team all know each other and have some fun along the way, working with others they respect and trust. This is acknowledged by our recent hires who have all been attracted to our open, direct and non-corporate culture. To thank our team for all their hard work, we hold several events throughout the year that bring together our 3 offices, including our summer party, a company offsite and a Christmas social.

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