As the lines blur between IT, business functions and third parties, Finyx’s approach is to work with the client to develop integrated business and technology strategies and operating models that reflect the unique challenges they face. We help organisations to align technology to products, services and capabilities; and develop pragmatic plans to achieve their strategic goals.

“Thanks for your contribution, couldn’t have done it without you. Top class facilitation.”

– Head of Procurement Strategy, Operations & Excellence


Next Generation Operating Model

Finyx work closely with clients to understand how the latest technology-driven disruptions are impacting their operating models. We develop guiding principles and support our clients to implement the right model for their unique situation. We consider business engagement, sourcing approaches, workforce development and optimal governance models.

As individuals, we have a huge amount of transferrable skills that can benefit a variety of organisations. At Finyx, we have recognised this and have extended our CSR responsibilities beyond simply fun-raising and actually help our partner organisations at their core. This is a quintessentially Finyx way of approaching things – ensuring that whatever we do is impactful and makes a difference, and I am proud that this philosophy of ours has extended into our CSR function.

Digital Strategy & Architecture

Finyx help our clients articulate a compelling vision, approach and roadmap for achieving their digital ambitions. We define strategic capabilities and take a practical approach to connecting data, systems and devices for seamless customer and employee experiences.

User Experience

Designing digital solutions with a user-centric focus leads to a greater return on investment and improved user adoption. Finyx work to understand the problems you want to solve from the perspectives of your users; we engage with them early to build high quality solutions leveraging service design, wireframing and prototyping expertise.

Product, Platform & Service Alignment

Finyx support our clients to realign their technology functions to defined products and services. We leverage the latest approaches to cloud and  product / service management to closely map your technology, and the operating model that underpins it, to business and user outcomes.

Cloud Advisory

Wherever they are on their cloud journey, Finyx assist our clients, to fully realise the benefits of utilising the cloud. We design and deliver the strategic capabilities to drive business value and agility, deliver operational resilience, minimise risk, increase staff retention, reduce costs and promote end to end accountability.


Technology Capability Assessment
Finyx undertake an unbiased, in-depth review of existing technology capabilities across the organisation. We use industry standard frameworks (ITIL, COBIT etc.) to assess a range of dimensions and help set targets for priority areas for improvement.
Operating Model Builder
Through extensive experience of helping our clients to design and implement operating models, we have developed a wealth of templates to accelerate delivery and ensure quality. These include a technical reference model, functional overview packs (describing scope of services offered, org structure, key suppliers, recruitment plans etc.) and onboarding and induction materials to support team build-out.
Product Management Toolkit
Finyx have developed a comprehensive toolkit to assist organisations to define their products, design and build a product-based operating model, and implement it across their technology function.
Cloud Optimisation Framework
We often find that the planned efficiency improvements expected from the transition to cloud solutions are not delivered in reality. Finyx have developed a methodology to help our clients identify opportunities in the way they consume cloud services and realign their cloud operations to deliver the planned benefits.
UX Design Methodology
Finyx have applied the Design Thinking framework to develop a set of artefacts covering the full lifecycle of UX design from researching and observing, through to prototyping and testing. We use these tools and templates to support our clients in engaging their users when implementing new technology solutions.
IT Carbon Assessment
Developing a clear understanding of the contribution that IT makes to an organisation’s carbon emissions is becoming increasingly important. Our carbon assessment approach helps CIOs understand what is driving their emissions, any carbon reduction opportunities that exist and how to implement these at low cost.
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