Inclusion, Diversity & Equality

Our Commitment

Finyx is committed to creating an inclusive working environment, where all of our people feel a sense of belonging. We are putting in the work to attract and retain diverse talent, and celebrate our differences whilst ensuring equality through accountability and shared access to opportunities. We want I, D, and E to be more than a collection of policies and training sessions, but rather an integral part of the way we operate and conduct business.

The Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality Board

To help us achieve our commitment, our I, D, and E board lays the groundwork for everything we do and plays an important role in creating an inclusive culture. All three aspects of I, D, and E come with their own benefits, but the order in which they’re tacked matters:

Inclusion comes first, diversity follows and equality is the end result.

Starting with diversity without considering inclusion leads to an environment that is poorly equipped to handle diversity, support the diverse staff or utilise its benefits (which also means equality is very unlikely). Starting with equality without considering inclusion means the practices and policies to support this are not in place (and without diversity you don’t have the different groups). This is why you need to start with inclusion. An inclusive culture allows for diverse staff to join and stay and grow and impact, resulting in equality for those diverse groups.

Meet our board


“Effective I, D & E policies are essential for creating working cultures that people can thrive in and feel respected to do their best. We set up the Board as I have experienced both good and not so good working cultures and I am determined to ensure Finyx is a leader in this area. The Board and its work are a great opportunity to ensure all who work at Finyx actively participate in creating a culture based on mutual respect and inclusivity. It will help us to find the very best talent to join us and to keep pushing the company to be its absolute best.”
Kelechi Okeahialam
“I believe that good company culture is built on trust and accountability, a large part of which is up to the people; however policy, process, and purpose are essential components. Laying the groundwork to create a diverse and inclusive culture takes work, and setting up the I, D, & E Board was something we were passionate about doing to ensure that differences are celebrated, diversity and equality are part of the company’s core, and every individual feels they can bring their full self to work.”

Emma Davies
“I, D & E is a cause I’m passionate about and I’ve always enjoyed uplifting and bringing forward voices that otherwise might not be heard. Being on the Board allows me to be part of a community that shares these common goals, whilst setting the governance and structures in place to ensure Finyx’s core values of celebrating I, D & E stay beating at the heart of the firm whilst Finyx continues to grow."
Kaya Raveendran
“Diversity is all around us and rather than be constrained it should be embraced, celebrated and encouraged allowing for creativity, plurality of ideas and approaches that help organisations and people succeed. This can only be achieved through a culture of inclusivity where everyone is respected and listened to. I am excited to be part of Finyx’s effort to ensure that all employees feel included allowing them to bring their true selves to work.”
Panos Kondyloudis

Women in Tech

A subset of our Inclusion, Equality and Diversity initiative, our Women in Tech team are working to advocate for gender diversity at Finyx and within the technology consulting industry. Research has shown that a diverse workforce is an important factor in maintaining a happy and healthy working environment, and we are therefore dedicated to building a strong community of women across all grades, whilst empowering them to be industry leads.


In 2022 we marked Women’s History Month in a number of ways, notably by interviewing several of our female clients in leadership positions. 

The interview can be seen below:


Other Internal Initiatives

Finyx is proud to support a number of employee-run initiatives focused on creating a safe and inclusive working environment for all staff, as well as the communities around us. All of our existing initiatives are backed by leadership, and as we grow as a firm so will our focus.

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