Supporting an NHS Trust to re-provision their ICT Services

Initial options analysis, high level solution design detailed requirements, business case and procurement support

New technology enables both clinical and non-clinical staff to reach patients, to inspire, to communicate, to educate, and to change the perception of the way that healthcare can be delivered

The Trust’s ICT services were largely provided through a prime outsourcing contract which broke in June 2022.

Whilst there was an option to extend, there was a desire internally to review options for an alternative model for the provision of ICT services.

Even with the mandate of delivering improved value for money and aligning to a national digital strategy, the Trust identified a great opportunity to provide improved levels of service to their 4,500 end-users of IT and ultimately the patients they support.

Given the potential whole-life costs of the services (>£30m over 5 years), the programme followed the 3-stage HM Treasury Project Business Case process (SOC, OBC & FBC) and sought NHS England & Improvement approval at each stage.

Finyx were engaged by the Trust to complete a full assessment of the available service provision options and deliver a fully costed Business Case to support the preferred way forward.

Designing a solution with a focus on user experience and value for money

Finyx consulted with a broad range of stakeholders (>90 individuals both internal and external to the Trust) to build a view of current ICT challenges (the Case for Change) and identify future requirements (Strategic Objectives and Critical Success Factors).

We developed an options analysis paper that scored 4 short listed options subjectively and costed them using a combination of baseline costs and assumptions.

The preferred way forward was then presented in the SOC and further developed in the OBC along with the commercial strategy and high-level plan to deliver it.

Working closely with the Trust’s ICT function, we went on to develop a revised Future Service Model made up of 4 service ‘lots’.

Finyx then developed the service requirements (~500), the required service levels and the related service performance mechanism.

The right supply chain to rebuild confidence in ICT services and support the Trust over the next 5 years and beyond

Finyx worked closely with commercial, finance and technology teams within the Trust providing both strategic advice and delivery capability. We built strong relationships with the management team and communicated with them and other key stakeholders regularly, ensuring that their opinions were factored in at all key decision points.


  • provided a researched, evidence-based set of supply chain options to support the Trust over the next five to ten years
  • supported the options analysis through internal governance (Trust Board, Programme Board, Finance & Infrastructure Committee etc.)
  • successfully delivered both the SOC and OBC 3 months ahead of schedule
  • worked with NHS England & Improvement to address their questions (as part of the business case approval process)
  • worked with ICT leadership to define a Future Service Model and lotting strategy and ‘stress-tested’ it using scenarios relevant to the Trust 
  • completed a draft set of requirements and service levels to take to market
  • supported the tendering, evaluation and bidder selection processes using our wealth of procurement artefacts and experience

Finyx consistently over-delivered against our expectations, we couldn’t have made anywhere near this kind of progress without them. Their level of insight, their work ethic, and their commitment to helping us achieve a better service for our users has been invaluable.”

– Jonathan Prosser, Chief Clinical Information Officer