Development of a Strategic Outline Case to support delivery of the client's ambitious technology portfolio

Supporting our client to transform their operating model and technology supply chain by leading delivery of the sub-programme

Conducting an assessment of the existing supply chain and aligning it with the organisation’s operating model

Finyx were engaged by a non-ministerial department (‘the Client’) in January 2020 to transform its operating model and technology supply chain to enable the delivery of the Client’s ambitious technology transformation portfolio. 

The Client’s technology services were primarily provided through a large outsourced agreement in addition to a high volume of supplier contracts held directly by the client. The overall supply chain had evolved organically, in response to business need, and neither the organisation nor the contractual mechanisms were designed to support a functioning multi-supplier ecosystem.

The Client sought Finyx’s help to conduct an assessment of its existing supply chain to identify the future supply chain model that would enable the organisation to deliver the Client’s business outcomes while ensuring value for money.

Finyx worked closely with the Client’s internal IT function to generate several supply chain models, performed an options appraisal and sought supplier views through a structured pre-market engagement exercise. Finyx worked in conjunction with one of the Client’s consultancy partners on establishing alignment with the organisation’s operating model, identifying the capabilities, skills and processes needed to effectively manage IT services and suppliers.

Finyx also developed the Strategic Outline Case, through which the Client allocated funding to deliver the recommended operating model and supply chain programme.

Leading the delivery of the operating model and supply chain sub-programme

Over the past two years, Finyx have led the delivery of the operating model and supply chain sub-programme in addition to a wider role as overall Digital Transformation Lead, responsible for a further three sub-programmes that are transforming the Client’s technology, applications and data landscape.

Finyx is currently operating a multi-disciplinary team, with experienced technical, service, commercial and procurement resources to deliver several workstreams that end user services, networks, cloud hosting, on premise hosting, application development and support and service integration and management (SIAM).

The foundations for all these workstreams are the Finyx-developed service, performance, commercial and requirements frameworks, which are designed to ensure cohesive and collaborative delivery of services in a multi-supplier ecosystem and were adapted to suit the Client’s environment and focus on wanting an agile, scalable and high performing set of suppliers.

Each of the workstreams are currently at different stages of the procurement lifecycle and all are operating in accordance with Cabinet Office Controls, Sourcing Playbook and Contract Management standards, policies and frameworks. Critical deliverables for each workstream include:

  • Detailed functional and non-functional requirements
  • Transition strategy
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Outline Business Case (OBC) and Full Business Case (FBC)
  • Board papers for governance
  • Invitation to tender pack

Finyx is also responsible for establishing the service transition strategy and oversee the implementation of the new service contracts. This requires joint working with internal Client teams, its outgoing incumbent providers and suppliers that remain part of the ecosystem.

Provisioning the Project Management Organisation

Finyx’s role as the programme management lead extends to provision of the project management organisation (PMO). This has ensured the sub-programme is underpinned by project and financial planning and reporting, that risks, issues, assumptions and dependencies (RAID) are recorded and managed and that the business outcomes and benefits are tracked and delivered.

Where business priorities have consumed internal Client teams, Finyx’s resourcing has flexed to meet tight deadlines and fill capability gaps. Finyx’s technology expertise is currently heavily relied upon with resources providing architectural leadership and assurance particularly in cloud, on-premise and network landscapes and on application strategy.