Executing a Government Department's vision to create a world class security service

Creating distinct clusters to provide overarching security services to the organisation 

New Operating Model requirement in Central Government departments

The department initiated the programme with a vision to create a world class security service, provided by expert professionals that protects and enables the Government and its assets. 

One of the key projects was the amalgamation of existing departmental security units into distinct clusters. 

These cluster arrangements would centre on a number of sufficiently resourced cluster security units in order to provide overarching security services to the organisations within the cluster, leading to a more effective, efficient and consistent system for delivering protective security across Government. 

The project was defined into 4 Key Objectives:

  • Development of cluster security unit operating model framework.
  • Supporting development of cluster programme delivery model.
  • Design and set up the security cluster unit and services.
  • Support the rollout of cluster services to cluster departments.

This cluster would be led by the department, an existing client of Finyx, who required assistance in defining and implementing a rigorous programme management approach, to ensure strategic objectives were met. 

Rigorous Design Process to Develop and Implement a new Operating Model

Finyx initially engaged with the cluster project team to develop business case options, benefits and the operating model framework. This framework was then extended across to a second cluster and sought support in building the delivery model for the cluster programme.

Subsequently, our consultants were embedded into the project, dedicated to design and delivery of cluster unit and services. As gatekeepers of the designs, we ran an SLT led governance forum allowing the client to direct, align and control the evolution of the cluster designs.

Ultimately, our approach allowed us to successfully produce 4 key deliverables:

1.Cluster vision, strategy & delivery approach.

2.Operating model framework, principles and cluster security unit design.

3.Populated service design templates.

4.Design authority submission papers, minutes and decisions, actions log.

Having a clearly defined approach to the formulation of the Operating Model allowed us to not only develop an appropriate and applicable solution, but also ensure that it could be successfully implemented and handed over to the business.

Successful establishment of cluster security unit allowing for continued management and improvement 

The transformation successfully laid the foundations for multiple clusters, improving efficiency and driving standardisation.