Delivery of a revised Operating Model to achieve Cloud Platform Benefits

Design and implementation of an agile operating model to support the cloud-only strategy for a global financial services client

New operating model required to support transition to cloud

The client’s Infrastructure Services function was facing a number of change drivers including a data centre exit and move to public cloud along with cost reduction pressures.

This created an opportunity to restructure infrastructure teams, redefine roles and responsibilities and adopt more agile ways of working.

Finyx were engaged to complete an assessment of the current state, review strategic drivers and produce a target operating model for Infrastructure Services that would leverage the benefits of the move to cloud.

Working closely with stakeholders to design a new cloud operating model supported by agile ways-of-working

In order to better understand the current state and wider strategy targets, Finyx worked closely with the infrastructure function. We conducted a series of stakeholder interviews and subsequently ran structured workshops with the leadership team.

We placed a strong emphasis on capability design and team sizing and used detailed activity analysis across the demand pipeline to  help us build the picture.

Our proposed operating model design was also influenced by changes in the commercial arrangements for provision of hosting and cloud services as the data centre migrations progressed.

Finyx leveraged industry best practices to deliver a structured Cloud Target Operating Model that included:

  • A mission statement and team charters
  • A revised organisational design
  • Defined product hierarches such that a product ownership and a value stream mapping approach could be taken.
  • DevOps capabilities
  • SRE engineering practices
  • PPM controls

all underpinned by agile ways-of-working.

We went on to identify a series of defined transition states in the evolution of the TOM so specific capabilities and skills could be developed.

Paving the way for Infrastructure Services to modernise ways of working, increase productivity and reduce costs

The Cloud Target Operating Model for Infrastructure Services was delivered on schedule and was positively received.

Finyx provided…

  • A model that could be adopted at pace and that aligned with the wider tech strategy goals of the organisation
  • a solution based on a cloud maturity model and FinOps best practices that would deliver cloud benefits without the need for additional investment
  • an approach for implementing modern DevOps and agile Ways of Working
  • a detailed design for rapid implementation of Product Management
  • a set of principles for convergence with the wider Enterprise Operating Model

And an implementation plan that detailed team sizing, changes to ways of working and a performance management approach for each distinct transition stage.