Introducing the Finyx Carbon Reduction Plan 2023

With our recent growth and development as a company, Finyx has taken some time to reflect on the impact we have on the environment we work within.

Our 3 office locations provide us with hubs to facilitate our relationships with clients and partners such as our long-standing engagement with York and Ulster universities. At Finyx we value these relationships immensely, and recognise our part in improving and uplifting our surrounding communities.

Our environmental impact is a key consideration when we think about the ways we engage with these communities but also about the ways we deliver our contracts and engagements.

We have created an internal team within our CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiative dedicated to expanding our knowledge and efforts on Carbon reduction.

The major outcome of our Carbon reduction team has been the production of a full-scale assessment and following report on Finyx’s emissions and our plans to reduce our impact as well as our commitment to reaching NetZero.

We want to share the work we are doing to reduce our impact as a reflection on our culture and community relationships – please find the full report here

Our Highlights include:

We will reduce our emissions by 22.7% over the next five years

51.72 tCO2  at the end of year 2022 to 40.00 tCO2 by end of year 2027.

Finyx does not produce any direct GHG emissions = 0.00 scope 1 emissions!

Implementation of office policies across all three of our locations:

Increased support for remote working

Active endorsement of public travel wherever possible

Purchasing of low power consumption devices across all sites

Use of cloud computing solutions to take advantage of low carbon hosting

Our Planned Initiatives include:

Regular research into carbon offsetting projects

Increasing awareness across our workforce

Liaising with building managers at our office locations for information regarding possible site-wide initiatives

Renovation work within our London office to improve energy efficiency


Within this year we have worked with public sector clients on projects we passionately feel make changes for the better, and we hope to continue our value-driven approach to consulting and client engagement.