Navigating the Future of PMO with Finyx: Unveiling PMO as a Service

In today’s dynamic business landscape, driving transformation is not an option, it is a necessity. Across various sectors, including Financial Services, National and Local Government, and Private Sector, organisations are grappling with the complex demands of a digital revolution. The answer to this challenge lies in pioneering solutions, and that’s precisely where Finyx’s PMO as a Service comes into play. 

Comparing Traditional On-Site PMO to PMO as a Service 

PMOaaS (Project Management Office as a Service) is a shift from traditional perspectives and methods for carrying out project and programme management operations. When implemented correctly, a PMOaaS model expands on conventional PMO strategies. 

The most frequent query we receive from businesses considering a PMO transformation is “where to start.” This can be a difficult challenge because the PMO needs to reform itself while continuing to meet project and programme deadlines, often on a tight budget. The traditional PMO often lacks the bandwidth to work on the business because it is so busy running the business. A PMOaaS method offers the expertise to execute and convert all crucial PMO function areas. 

Organisations can create a scalable model with a PMOaaS solution that enables them to quickly transform their PMO. They can innovate and execute at scale by properly aligning the PMO with business priorities, utilising next-generation project and programme management specialists, collaboration technologies, governance frameworks, and risk-mitigation strategies. Thus, PMOaaS enables a flexible PMO that more effectively and safely facilitates the delivery of complex organisational transformation. 

PMO as a Service: The Future of Programme Management 

In this era of rapid technological advancement, traditional PMOs are evolving into a more dynamic and responsive model: PMO as a Service. Finyx is leading the way in harnessing the power of this transformational approach. Here’s how PMO as a Service from Finyx can revolutionise your business: 

  1. Rapid Mobilisation: Time is of the essence, and we understand that. With our PMO as a Service, your transformation journey can begin swiftly, ensuring that your organisation is prepared to meet future challenges head-on. Driving transformation is our goal, and rapid mobilisation is a key driver. 
  2. On-Demand Cost-Effective Scalability: Our PMO as a Service offers on-demand, cost-effective scalability for organisations looking for surge project management capabilities to handle major projects. 
  3. Seamless Programme Integration: Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating with your existing programs, ensuring that your business functions as a well-oiled machine. We align with your goals and methodologies, preparing your organisation for the future without disruption. 
  4. Transparency: Informed decision-making is at the heart of every successful transformation journey. Our services provide real-time updates, transparent progress reports, and continuous engagement, guaranteeing that you’re always in the loop. 

A Real-world Example: PMOaaS in Action 

A major public sector organisation leveraged our PMOaaS offering while undergoing one of the largest transformation programmes in the UK, affecting over 40,000 users.  

Finyx provided fundamental structuring and advisory assistance in the set-up of the programme, co-ordinated the activities of suppliers, consultants, and client staff. In addition, Finyx supplied programme and delivery management across core technology towers, and the PMOaaS solution achieved the following: 

  • Rapid Programme Mobilisation 
  • Scaled on-demand experienced programme and project management professionals to lead critical workstreams through to completion 
  • Tactically integrated technical project managers, reporting into IT operations  
  • Standardised processes broadly across the organisation, delivered a comprehensive programme structure and executed a phased delivery plan 
  • Increased transparency and consistency through reporting tools 
  • Aligned workstreams by aggressively scoping to value-based deliverable goals and eliminating any elements not tied to top business priorities 

Finyx provided a modular PMO service delivering established PMO processes and best practices, including those highlighted our service wheel below, to support programme delivery. The modular PMOaaS baselined with Finyx PMO intellectual property, customised to dovetail with existing organisation & processes. 

Preparing for the future 

Today’s complex digital transformation requires speed, expertise, and scalability that cannot be satisfied by continuing to use traditional project management methods. Organisational leaders cannot solve new problems with old solutions. They must modify their strategy and innovate. Many industry leaders are using PMO as a Service to prepare for the future as they reevaluate their PMO operating model.  

Finyx has access to a pool of skilled and experienced PMO specialists that can help support your programme needs. Our dedicated PMOaaS is designed to strengthen and fill service gaps within an existing PMO function. Using a PMOaaS as a flexible function will help to supply the right transferrable resource for the appropriate projects and programmes, without always committing to the full end to end PMO function.  

A proven track record 

For over 16 years, Finyx has been at the forefront of helping public and private sector organisations successfully deliver a myriad of technology projects. Our journey has been marked by one crucial ingredient: proven delivery experience. We have earned the trust of our clients through our unwavering commitment to excellence, delivering practical solutions that directly affect not only organisations but also their workforce. 

Our experienced team brings a unique blend of adaptability and innovation, allowing us to blend proven strategies with practical solutions. This distinctive approach ensures that your digital transformation journey is prepared for the future while staying rooted in the realities of your business environment. 

Let’s connect and discuss how Finyx can help you become future-ready. Reach out today to explore how our PMO as a Service can drive your programmes to success with insight, experience & execution.