Our York Office is growing

The Finyx Delivery Centre in York was established in 2016 to be a home for our analysts and junior consultants, as well as our business administration function. It quickly became a way for us to provide client engagement, sales and operations support to our consultants across the UK. We started with a headcount of only three people but as Finyx grew, our York office has grown with it. We are now a team of 11 people working across consulting, operations, and business development.

A hub for Talent

York has become a key part of our talent acquisition strategy. In partnership with the University of York, every year we run a summer internship programme each year, which we have used to offer permanent entry-level analyst jobs to University of York’s finalists and graduates. Four of the six graduate analysts have previously completed the summer internship and another three interns participate in the programme this year.

Our internship programme is unique as it provides a mix of exposure to client engagements, sales, and business development, giving a true flavour of what it means to be an analyst at Finyx and experience the culture which our team are so fond of.

Following the same logic, our newly launched graduate scheme is a mix of consulting and business development. It aims to provide our analysts with a wide range of experience throughout our business and service lines before they can specialise and build their own niche within the company.

We asked a few of our graduates and interns about what makes Finyx so special:

“In 2019, I decided to undertake an internship with Finyx to gain experience in a professional workplace. From the breadth of work to the people there, every part was enjoyable and a great first step into the world of consultancy. Even after a placement year and upon completing my degree, I decided to return to the friendly environment which provides a range of opportunities to take the next step in my career.”

Michael Turner, Summer Intern ’19 and Graduate ‘22

“I found Finyx’s internship program to be holistic and straightforward – perfect for someone with no prior experience in technology consulting. Interning at Finyx allowed me to deepen my commercial awareness, while simultaneously developing core technical skills through a variety of internal and client-related tasks. The support I received over the 10 week was excellent and truly reflected Finyx’s welcoming environment – so much so that I decided to join the company permanently after graduating!”

In addition to our graduate scheme, we have launched a finance apprenticeship within our operations team. We believe that apprenticeships are an excellent way to provide opportunities for young people, help them learn and learn from them. Nevertheless, it is within our principles to support diverse talent and create a friendly, welcoming, and challenging working environment for everyone!

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Here at Finyx we take pride in giving back to the community and placing social value at the heart of our practice. At York, we are also proud to lead one of our most important CSR initiatives, sponsoring York Community Consulting a student-led organisation operating with two primary aims that align with Finyx culture:

  1. To create a positive social impact through the provision of consulting services on a pro bono basis.
  2. To provide students with the opportunity to develop themselves.

Finyx consultants have mentored students and assisted them with their client engagements. Members of our team have also hosted skills workshops to equip members of the society with skills necessary in securing graduate roles and excel in them. As part of our ongoing partnership, we are also excited that two members of our York team now sit at the Executive Board of YCC (York Community Consulting) offering ad hoc advice and guidance to the organisation.

“Our partnership with Finyx has been hugely valuable to us here at York Community Consulting, where, through their professional mentorship and skills workshops, they have provided our students with incredible professional insight and experience, enhancing our employability and knowledge within the industry.

Their sponsorship and support of YCC has allowed us to grow and make amazing things possible, including hosting events and building ties with other likeminded student organisations and businesses.

Finyx are a wonderful asset in making us who we are as a consultancy, and I can’t wait to see our relationship continue to grow!”

Eleanor Dykes, Managing Partner, York Community Consulting

Our new office spaces

As we have grown, so has our need for office space. Earlier in the month we moved into our new offices in the Catalyst Building at the University of York East Campus. With a capacity of more than 20 people and a new meeting room added, we are now uniquely placed to continue growing, host cross-office meetings and have more frequent visits from our colleagues in London and Belfast for in person collaboration

Here are some photos from our moving-in and first day in the new office:

We are proud of our progress over the last few years, and we aim to keep growing. Watch this space for more updates.