Finyx named in 2022 Gartner Market Guide for ITFM Tools

Since joining Finyx just over a year ago, I’ve been working hard with the team to develop some meaningful offerings in the TBM space. So it was a nice surprise a few weeks ago to open my email and find out that Finyx had been included in this years Gartner Market Guide for ITFM Tools. It’s a real validation that the work we’ve been doing is heading in the right direction, and it puts us in a unique position of being the only UK based TBM services vendor to be in the guide.

The TBM space is constantly transforming and has changed immeasurably since I first entered into it over a decade ago. For a long time Apptio ruled the roost and was the only viable option, but we are now seeing companies such as MagicOrange and Serviceware (amongst others) starting to build a presence in EMEA and offer viable alternatives. This is an exciting development, as I’m a firm believer that competition in this sector will drive innovation, increase adoption, and help make TBM accessible to the masses (rather than just those with considerable IT spend). It’s great for TBM customers as well, as having different products, features, and price points to choose from gives you options when building a business case to begin a TBM programme.

One of the interesting problems in the TBM marketplace has always been that the only viable way to begin a TBM programme is to talk to TBM software vendor about how to do it and what you need to buy. This is the equivalent of walking into a car dealership and asking them to spec and sell you a car – it’s OK as an approach and you’ll end up with a car, but it would probably have been better if you’d got some independent advice from someone like What Car to help inform your decision. This is one of the things that Finyx is uniquely placed to offer advice as a truly independent TBM consultancy that’s not aligned to any of the software vendors. We can help you work out how to approach TBM, assess data readiness, identify bottlenecks, build a roadmap, map out your use cases and users, advise on vendors and products to consider, estimate pricing etc. This means, when you do engage with a vendor you’ll be in a strong position, know what you want, what value it will bring, and in what timeframe. It also makes it a lot easier to get buy in internally before signing on the dotted line.

We’re also helping customers in two other areas. Firstly, those who are in the process of deploying TBM but in need expertise to augment their delivery teams and advise on concepts such as allocation decisions, architecture, and roll out plans to ensure a smooth and successful delivery. Secondly, those who have already purchased and implemented TBM software, but are struggling to get business value from it or embedded it into their operational processes. We can look at what you’re doing, and develop a plan to get the results from TBM that compelled you to purchase it in the first place.

I believe these are much needed services in the TBM marketplace, and they’re hard skills to come by. This was one of the big reasons I left my previous role after 10 years of working for a well-known TBM software vendor – I saw too many customers who needed these kind of skills, and couldn’t turn down the opportunity to provide them and some truly independent advice in this space.

If any of the points above have resonated with you and you think Finyx can help, don’t be afraid to reach out to Pete Cunningham!