A warm welcome to our new interns

Finyx welcome a further 4 interns to the York Delivery Centre

This year we welcome 4 interns into our York Delivery Centre, having recruited them via the University of York’s internship programme. They will have the opportunity to support some of our internal initiatives as well project work lead by our team of consultants and advisors.

Learn more about our interns below:

Cora Messone – 2nd Year Business & Management student

My name is Cora and I’m a second year Business and Management student at the University of York. My interest in consulting sparked thanks to my year-long involvement as an External Relations Officer at York Community Consulting, a student-led organisation offering pro bono services to charities and social enterprises around York. Within this role, I gained exposure to projects of different nature and contributed to their successful delivery through the recruitment of external mentors. As such, I was able to witness first-hand the varied and dynamic nature of consulting, alongside its ability to drive client success in the long-term. 

Elizabeth Davies – 2nd Year Politics, Philosophy and Economics student

My name is Elizabeth, and I am a second year Politics, Philosophy and Economics student. The variety and breadth of problems in technology consulting really appealed to me, and this internship with Finyx is a great opportunity to gain some first-hand practical experience in industry. I have already started assisting on internal projects, and I am looking forward to developing valuable skills whilst learning more about how IT transformation can continue innovating business practices. Everybody at Finyx has been very welcoming and I’m really enjoying being able to work in the office after a year of remote learning.

Panos Kondyloudis – 3rd Year Law student

My name is Panos, and I recently graduated from York Law School. I find consulting and, more specifically, technology consulting particularly interesting as it is a way to help other organisations become better at what they do, cut costs and increase efficiency through the use of innovative tools. During my internship at Finyx, I have mainly worked on a client project and not a single day has been the same. From attending meetings with colleagues and clients, being involved in data collection and processing, and researching technology solutions, everything has been challenging and has helped me develop my skills.

Christina Bardopoulou – 3rd Year Law student

My name is Christina and I am a third-year law student at the University of York. I wanted to intern in consultancy as I like its market-focused and client facing nature. I find Technology Consulting particularly interesting since it is involved in a variety of industries and disrupts traditional practices. My first day was quite unexpected as, COVID complications aside, I met a lot of people and got introduced to my project straight away. I look forward to learning more about consultancy during my internship and putting to practice all the skills that I have learnt.

Finyx have been supporting internships for several years, and we are also always keen to recruit enthusiastic and skilled people into our business at all levels of experience; if you are interested in working for us please visit Careers at Finyx.