A moment of reflection on our 2022 achievements: 30+ hires, 2 new offices and new internal initiatives.

I sit here charged with looking back and summarising Finyx’s year in 2022. In summary, this exercise has brought me a small ray of sunshine on this otherwise gloomy Thursday London morning.

Team Finyx has grown by some 30+ hires in 2022. What I’m particularly proud of is the fact we’ve ensured those coming in, are every bit as good as those we founded the firm on. Our thirst for diversity continues – with the youngest hire being 21 and the oldest in their 60s.

We’ve grown our base so much in fact that we have established a London office near Spitalfields Market, and upscaled our York facility. Belfast has more than doubled in size and we will be looking at new premises in the new year.

With all that headcount growth – we’ve made steps to ensure that we integrate new hires into the business effectively. We’ve held two “Finyx Bootcamps”, where staff had the opportunity to learn about our tools, methods, and offerings – but equally importantly, learn about each other and get to know their colleagues.

Talking of getting to know your colleagues, we’ve had some fantastic “all-team” events including monthly town-halls, summer and winter parties, and an all-team offsite event in March. It’s hard to believe just a short period after lockdown that we’ve managed to pack so much in.

I’m also very proud of our “spotlight-on” sessions which are 30 min drop ins which have covered a variety of topics ranging from Power BI, Diversity, The Art of Barbequing and Singing the Blues.

We made real inroads into improving our Corporate and Social Responsibility agenda – and have formed a board, made up of staff (not management) to help shape and prioritise our efforts in this space. We’re partnering with Momentum and look forward to working with them, to help deliver their objectives, in the new year.

Further, we have “doubled down” on our commitment to Inclusion, Diversity and Equality – again forming a board made up of staff to help embed inclusion principles and behaviours into our organisation.

We celebrated 9 years continuous service with one client this year and have engaged with several new ones. Whether existing long-term partnerships, or new client relationships we treat all our clients as being “special” – because they are; each unique in their talents, challenges, and areas we can help.

We continue to strike a healthy balance between public and private sector work, and our ability to take learnings from one to another.

From our appointment of Jim Woodcock at CISO and head of Cyber Consulting to the modernisation of our Operating Model methodologies (to further address the digital age) we have grown in breadth and depth our services. Just as the year closes I’m excited to learn we have been selected to write a Government compliant business case for a “non-technology” initiative reinforcing our credentials in business advisory.

Our administration and business management continues to evolve; this is sometimes overlooked in these types of notes – but something we consider really important. Through the course of this year, we have improved our management disciplines, updated all our major policies and procedures, rewritten and issued new employment contracts, and have even better budgeting, forecasting and reporting processes in place.

Lastly, I want to call out one of the highlights of the year for me: 96% of respondents to our staff survey said they “Feel proud to work for Finyx”. Well I’m proud of them too and everything we’ve achieve in 2022.

2023 … onwards and upwards.