International Women’s Day | Our Proudest Career Achievements

Picture of Kelechi Okeahianlam

Kelechi Okeahianlam

Senior Consultant

At Finyx, we have lots of amazing women as part of our business. As Women’s History month comes to an end, we reflected on the proudest moments of our careers. The answers show both the incredible range of skills and experiences that we have, and we also found out some surprises about each other!

Whilst we are all different, we found that our proudest achievements centred around five themes: mentoring and coaching, being part of a high-performing team, radical change, self-validation, and being in a position of leadership.

Mentoring and coaching:

Rebecca Strain: One of the elements of my job that I enjoy the most is the people aspect. Most recently, I was privileged to coach a former colleague and see her achieve a promotion outside of the normal cycle.
Tracy Mullins: My proudest achievement has probably been the people I have developed and watching them grow into the amazing professional strong women who are leading in their own specialisms across IT and Business.
Steph Elphick: I can’t think of anything more satisfying than seeing someone’s confidence, ability and knowledge grow as a direct result of my support. This is the best legacy I can think of and one that I am most proud of.

Being part of an expanding company:

Joanne Wareing: Whilst I was at my previous company, we opened an office in New York, and I was responsible for key parts of this expansion. The office and business were such a success that the company went on to expand from 2 staff members to an office of 50 employees.

Radical decision making:

Emma Divaris: When I was 21, I packed up and travelled 6,000 miles to a new country and within a week, I’d accepted a job offer from one of the Big 4 consulting firms and began working in finance tech and studying accounting. I’m equally proud of my latest decision, accepting an offer at Finyx!
Tiffany Roberts: A few weeks before I was meant to start at University, I started an unprompted “gap year,” where I started my own company – TIFF “Trendsetting, Innovative, Fair, Fashion” was born. I launched with 11 brands and at the time of dissolving my business 5 years later, I had over 60 brands listed on the platform with many more requests.
Ossy Okemini: Like many people, Covid-19 led to a shift in my mindset. I started working on myself and began to revaluate what I viewed as possible. Once my mindset had changed, I decided to change my environment. Joining Finyx has been that environmental change I needed.
Darcey Jones: The thing I am most proud of is the switch I made from a humanities degree in History to a career linked to technology. After graduating I got a role as a Business Analyst in a blockchain start-up. It taught me that your past decisions and experiences don’t have to limit your career choices going forward.


Alexandra Barbour: With little notice I was asked to move to Poland for 3 months to support a transformative strategic initiative in a major international bank. The three months were a success – I solidified my position as a credible and dependable leader who knew what they were doing, and the work delivered by the team per week increased by 69%.
Kelechi Okeahialam: My proudest career achievement prior to my actual career starting. In my final year at Oxford University, I was Chair of a student run charity aiming at reducing education inequality within the local area. I felt so proud of the work that myself and my team put in as it led to our students improving in their skills and their confidence.


Val Yuskevych: My proudest career achievement has been shifting my mindset from thinking whether I am qualified enough to perform a task to just attacking it head-on. This mindset ensured that my customers loved the product and it ended up being shortlisted for the industry-wide awards.

We know that sometimes self-promotion and public celebration of pride in our careers can be difficult especially for women (look out for our forthcoming article on the challenges of self-promotion for women and what we at Finyx are doing to overcome these), for now, we hope you have found our proudest achievements interesting and inspiring – keep on supporting #breakthebias.