Establishing a bespoke Framework for the Met Police providing a valuable route to market for digital solutions

Responsibilities included delivery of the business case, solution design, technical requirement definition, creation of tender documentation, and creation of the framework user guides.

Rapid delivery of digital solutions to address business needs

In 2017, the Digital Policing function of the Met Police were facing a number of challenges in delivering digital solutions to their business.

They were experiencing budget overruns, missed project deliveries and were failing to deliver expected benefits.

In addition, the solutions themselves were considered out-dated, often due to lengthy procurement processes, and failed to integrate with existing systems.

Digital Policing had a reputation for being unable to offer value for money and being unable to respond rapidly to business demand.

As part of a significant redesign of the Target Operating Model for Digital Policing, it was recognised that a more rapid and flexible route-to-market for digital solutions was required – one that could fill the gap between existing Government Frameworks (e.g. G-Cloud) and lengthier, higher value, more complex procurements which requiring a formal competitive tender process. 

They needed to be able to quickly access providers capable of delivering complex, multi-phased, technologically advanced digital policing solutions whilst ensuring a competitive process to achieve best value.

A bespoke panel of trusted delivery partners

The MPS sought to establish a bespoke procurement framework.

This small pool of trusted partners would understand their unique operating environment and would be capable of delivering end-to-end solutions to address business problem.

Services to be covered by the scope of the framework included project management, solution proposals, detailed solution design, build and development, business and technical analysis, environment management and 3rd line support.

The ‘Solution Provider Framework’ would utilise a mini-competition process to ensure value for money whilst increasing speed of delivery.

Finyx provided support throughout the entire activity and were responsible for delivery of the business case, solution design, technical requirements, tender documentation, and the framework user guides.

Finyx designed and delivered a supplier engagement event attended by 97 suppliers that generated strong interest from the marketplace.

59 Suppliers submitted SQ responses and 15 were selected to participate in the ITT. Finyx supported the evaluation and moderation of all responses and maintained regular dialogue with Bidders regarding clarifications.

Internally, we assisted in the re-design of the retained Intelligent Client Function and delivered training and user guides to support the mini-competition process.

Supporting the Met’s Digital Transformation Agenda

The Solution Provider Framework (SPF) was successfully launched in March 2017. 7 suppliers were appointed to the framework; set to run for 4 years with a contract value of £350m and extended for use by other UK Police Forces.

Since it’s inception, the SPF has provided an invaluable route to market for a number of Digital Policing projects including (but not limited to) Command and Control, iHub, the Learning Development platform and Met IP. 

With the pending expiry of the original framework agreement, Finyx were once again appointed to recompete the SPF to provide continuity for the Met through to 2026. Finyx supported the end-to-end procurement process from early market engagement through to contract award. The scope of this new framework (SPF 2022) has been enhanced to incorporate an additional Lot providing a resource augmentation capability to support in-house project delivery teams.

The Solution Provider Framework 2022 will help deliver a next generation Digital Policing model that reflects the future needs of the MPS.  It will enable agility and flexibility in our services, an improved user experience and greater value for money.

“This is an exciting time in the Metropolitan Police Service as Digital Policing embarks on the final stage of its move to a new way of working… This new framework will enable the MPS to significantly reduce the time it takes to complete a competitive tender.”

– Angus McCallum, CIO Digital Policing