Development of an Investment Case to inform a new Source-to-Pay Operating Model

Supporting the Source-to-Pay function to move to new ways of working to drive efficiencies, reduce costs and improve the customer experience.

Reputational risk resulting from significant inefficiencies

The client’s Source-to-Pay (STP) procurement function were processing c.60,000 invoices per month, of which roughly 10% required some form of intervention.

The Bangalore-based Global Business Services Team dealt with c.7,000 purchase order and invoicing issues per month and managed these across 80+ individual mailboxes and upwards of 25,000 emails.

Over time, the volume of manual processes and duplicated effort required to resolve issues, resulted in degradation of service levels, lack of clear issue ownership and reputational damage amongst suppliers.

The STP team had undertaken a major business transformation by implementing a new case management tool (SalesForce) and required a new Target Operating Model to improve both the effectiveness and accountability of their offshore support team.

“We aspire to deliver a leading procurement experience for our practitioners, business users and suppliers.

We are doing this by bringing our team together around an end-to-end procurement operating model with global service delivery, supported by a single procurement platform with integrated technologies and ways of working.”

Rapid delivery of the new Service Desk and STP Operating Model

Finyx were initially engaged to develop a business case for the new Service Desk and STP Operating Model. As part of delivering this we conducted an in-depth discovery exercise to identify core issues as well as opportunities for improvement.

We facilitated a series of workshops on-site in Bangalore with participation from client teams located in London, Budapest, Bogota and Manila; the output of which was used to inform the design of the new Operating Model for Source-to-Pay.

Finyx presented the revised Operating Model to the Global Head of Procurement alongside an updated org design and 12 month capability transformation plan.

Staged development approach:

Enhanced ways of working with a renewed focus on customer experience

Finyx supported the Global Business Services team to move to a service-based operating model with a focus on process excellence and customer experience.

We simplified the issue management process considerably, and removed duplication of effort.

The processes we designed allowed for a move away from mailboxes to a modern and efficient case management system.

We delivered a revised organisational design alongside updated roles, responsibilities and capabilities.

Interactions managed consistently, through single point of contact, offering multiple channels, with services designed horizontally, to meet expectations of internal stakeholders and suppliers, and enabling technologies.


“Thanks for your contribution, couldn’t have done it without you. Top class facilitation.”

– Head of Procurement Strategy, Operations & Excellence