Technology Business Management

Maintaining a well-managed and resilient technology estate is now more critical than ever. The widespread availability of new technologies such as cloud across enterprises has increased the pressure on technology leaders to maximise investments and optimise operating expenses. We leverage the latest business management practices, our vast experience and extensive toolsets to assess your current costs and maximise the value across your IT estate.
The kind of questions we help you answer

How do we ensure the cost we charge for our IT services are clear, transparent and aligned to our business customer’s needs?

We have increased our adoption of public cloud significantly but are not realising the promised benefits. How do we ensure our operational costs stay manageable while increasing cloud adoption?

The IT budget is constantly being squeezed by increasing demand. How do we adopt consumption based charging and make sure our IT budgets are accurate?

How do we effectively manage our assets in a hybrid environment which has significant legacy and cloud technology?

Our Offerings
  • Cost Transparency

    Understand service Total Cost of Ownership and provide transparency on the relationship it has with consumption (recharging etc.). Provide a framework for nesting services for transparency of End to End service costs.
  • Cost Optimisation

    Deliver a structured assessment of people, process, technology and external services (e.g. Cloud) to identify opportunities to deliver sustainable productivity gains. Leverage cloud services to improve cost variability and capital efficiency.
  • Performance Management

    Develop and implement a strategically aligned performance management framework which measures the most critical elements of your IT function.
  • Hybrid Asset Management

    Identify and manage on premise and cloud IT assets, integrating with configuration management, licence management, financial control and cost recovery disciplines
Technology Business Management Contacts
  • Alasdair Frazer – Managing Consultant

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