Strategic partner procurement for a national law enforcement agency

Programme Background

The Agency planned on executing a number of investment initiatives to transform the organisation and its capabilities, and required a client-side strategic partner to assist in achieving these objectives. The strategic partner would be embedded in the Agency to help shape strategy, devise solutions, deliver programmes and set agendas. The contract was initially for a three year period with an option to extend up to a total limit of five years with an estimated total value of £75m. Existing strategic support contracts were coming to an end, so speed-to-market and a rapid procurement exercise were high priorities along with delivering enduring value for money.

Engagement challenges

Lack of experience in managing significant procurement exercises

Rapidly expiring contracts which needed addressing

Starting from scratch for documentation, templates and approach for engaging the market


Our Approach
Finyx were engaged at the start of the procurement process to rapidly mobilise a market engagement event for suppliers on the Management Consultancy 2 Framework (Lot 3). Following this, we then interviewed senior agency stakeholders to allow us to build out a detailed statement of requirements, a set of targeted evaluation criteria and supporting tender questions. We set up and managed a procurement portal to run the competition and were responsible for managing the Q&A process with bidders.
Results Achieved
  • Rapid set up and delivery of a successful market engagement event
  • Full set of tender documents issued within tight timescales
  • Successfully executed a multi-stage procurement process comprised of a written proposal and bidder presentation
  • Strategic partner appointed on schedule

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