Service management maturity assessment for a global fintech company

Programme Background

The organisation had undergone considerable growth with a recent takeover effectively doubling the size of the business. Although some integration work had taken place there was still much to do, especially in the service management function with instances of duplication, lack of ownership, ‘process for process sake’ etc. Additionally, the organisation was facing another potential takeover putting additional pressure and focus on IT to be able to demonstrate their capabilities. Finyx conducted a review of 6 key service management processes to provide an unbiased view of existing maturity levels and an action plan to address hotspots.

Engagement challenges

Immature and fragmented service management capability

Lack of accountability across processes post-acquisition

Service management as a function under considerable pressure from the business


Our Approach
Finyx conducted interviews with a cross section of 38 staff from around the globe and from each of the previous ‘heritage’ organisations. To form a complete picture we talked with both service management process owners and their ‘customers’ engaging with these processes on a regular basis. We attended key service management meetings and reviewed reports to supplement the verbal feedback. Finally we completed a quantitative scoring assessment using the ITIL framework to be able to provide a complete picture. We identified key themes which we fed through to senior management throughout the engagement before publishing and presenting a final maturity assessment and supporting action plan.
Results Achieved
  • Baselined maturity assessment including key themes, a process heatmap, and detailed findings by process (sub-categorised by people, process, information & tools)
  • Alignment of service management with critical business stakeholders from all legacy organisations.
  • Delivery of an action plan to establish a fit-for-purpose global service management function

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