Service management function setup for a large UK insurer

Programme Background

As a condition of a UK Government bailout, a major UK and international bank was obliged to sell off any non-core banking businesses and this included the bank’s insurance business (that incorporated multiple household names). The technology infrastructure used for insurance systems was shared with the bank and a programme was established to move to a new infrastructure and migrate from the bank’s data centres. Much of the core infrastructure was bought as a managed service – however service management and integration were considered to be an in-house capability – so Finyx assisted in the design and implementation of this new function.

Engagement challenges

Global Organisation with history of significant organic and acquisition growth

Service management as a function under considerable pressure from the business

Assessment and action plan completed in 6 weeks


Our Approach
Working with the client we developed a target operating model including service definitions, organisation structure, roles and responsibilities, KPIs, governance, process flows and reporting. We then assisted in the implementation of this operating model – including recruitment assistance, initial report production, relocation (office move) and communication / stakeholder management.
Results Achieved
  • New service management function established from design to live in < 5 months
  • Aided transition from legacy bank (eliminating transitional service agreement (TSA) charges)
  • Recruited and onboarded 15+ headcount for the new function within 3 months
  • Supported successful sign off from the management board on the key audit action relating to management of serious business risks and incidents

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