Operating model design and implementation for a large UK government department

Programme Background

The department initiated the programme with a vision to create a world class security service, provided by expert professionals that protects and enables government and its assets. One of the key projects was the amalgamation of existing departmental security units into distinct clusters. These cluster arrangements would centre on a number of sufficiently resourced cluster security units in order to provide overarching security services to the organisations within the cluster, leading to a more effective, efficient and consistent system for delivering protective security across government.

Engagement challenges

A disparate and inconsistent approach to cybersecurity across departmental units

Lack of experience in shaping and implementing a programme of this nature in cybersecurity


Our Approach
Finyx initially engaged with the cluster project team to develop business case options, benefits and the operating model framework. The Programme Director then pulled Finyx into extending the framework across to a second cluster and sought support in building the delivery model for the cluster programme. Subsequently, our consultants were embedded into the project, dedicated to design and delivery of cluster unit and services. As gatekeepers of the designs, we ran an SLT led governance forum allowing the client to direct, align and control the evolution of the cluster designs.
Results Achieved
  • Cluster security unit and associated operating model established
  • All services aligned with department’s security standards and processes
  • Phase 1 services rolled out to departments within tight timescales

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