Managed Print Strategy and Implementation

Programme Background

Finyx assisted a very large government department in the implementation of their cloud print solution across 250 offices and tens of thousands of users. The solution utilised the very latest print technologies while landing in an organisation that was going through significant change and which required a variety of specialist workflows for teams performing unique roles.

Finyx expertise helped manage the implementation against difficult technical issues and managed the supplier through difficult commercial challenges. This involved collaboration with over 250 offices, 5 organisations and 30,000 End Users. This represented the largest global implementation of such a system, and formed part of a larger programme including exit from incumbent suppliers.

Engagement challenges

Ensuring delivery while minimising impact on end users

Implementing a secure cloud solution within a highly federated organisation

Lack of experience in what processes, blueprints and outcomes should be developed at what stage of the programme


Our Approach
The size and complexity of implementing a cloud based print solution in a federated environment was significant. A mixture of strong technical and implementation skills enabled the exit of existing Managed Print contracts and migration to a new solution across non-standard environments. Assertive commercial skills were required during the implementation due to material software feature gaps and release issues that resulted in escalations to supplier board level. The mix of technical, project management and commercial skills enabled the customer to focus on other important programme workstreams.
Results Achieved
  • Implementation of a cyber-secure cloud print solution in a complex, distributed and federated environment
  • Managed escalations to supplier board level following material feature and release issues
  • Managed multiple incumbent contracts through to exit
  • Replaced existing managed print contracts with a single all-encompassing contract

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