IT infrastructure operating model design & implementation for a large UK insurer

Programme Background

As a condition of a UK Government bailout, a major UK and international bank was obliged to sell off any non-core banking businesses and this included the bank’s insurance business (that incorporated multiple household names). The technology infrastructure used for insurance systems was shared with the bank and a programme was established to move to a new infrastructure and migrate from the bank’s data centres. Following the restructure of infrastructure services and the supporting supply chain, the organisation required assistance in defining and implementing a new operating model.

Engagement challenges

Complete capability gap for managing the new infrastructure

Operating model had yet to be defined

Needed to balance moving at pace and building an Infrastructure Operating model that was fit for purpose


Our Approach
Working with the senior IT leadership team, Finyx developed and agreed a top level operating model for Infrastructure. We mapped each ITIL Service Management process to the functional model, and then went further to identify specific responsibilities by function and by process. We used this information to then generate functional overview documents and detailed job descriptions. Finyx subsequently supported the implementation of the new operating model by assisting with the recruitment of key roles on behalf of the client and setting up key governance meetings and reports.
Results Achieved
  • Finyx established the new infrastructure capability before the end of the Transitional Services Agreement with the bank; both from a workforce and supply chain perspective
  • Created a functional model mapped to infrastructure services
  • Roles, accountabilities, governance, and reports defined for each of the functions within the new model
  • Accountabilities mapped to roles within the new organisation and hiring plans created; negotiation with HR to define remuneration and skill levels

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