Infrastructure services retendering for a global insurer

Programme Background

The organisation had an existing managed service contract in place for the provision of infrastructure services. Although the contract had been extended once, it was failing to deliver service performance to the required standard. In addition, the ‘caps and collars’ approach described in the contract did not provide the required level of flexibility. The client was seeking to move to a more cloud based model and would require the inclusion of additional services and a more flexible agreement would be required to deliver this.

Engagement challenges

Complex and poorly understood existing managed services contract

Lack of objectivity and clarity on current contractual issues

No clearly defined vision for the service model

Lack of experience in transition to a cloud based service model


Our Approach
Finyx were engaged to reverse engineer the existing contract into our Solution Requirements Framework (SRF) providing a simple, structured view of the existing services, requirements and service levels. In parallel, we worked with senior members of the Technology and Infrastructure Teams to assess existing issues contractually, technically, operationally and commercially.

Finyx used these two data sources to redefine the service hierarchy, close gaps in the services, refine supplier obligations, ‘firm up’ and supplement existing SLAs and publish content in a usable format for insertion into future contract schedules.
Results Achieved
  • Rapidly extracted existing scope of services from existing contract and presented an as-is service model
  • Closed gaps in the service model and restructured services into vertical towers with clear boundaries between each, leveraging cloud based services where appropriate
  • Ensured future continuity by defining a set of ‘living’arte facts including required services, obligations, reports, service levels and supplier engagement for use in any future retendering exercise

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