Operational Integrity, Efficiency and Compliance

Our Approach
This Service Line is focussed on the hygiene and efficiency of companies. While we have an history of engagement in several in-scope areas such as Security and Service Management, we have now brought them all together to realise economy of scale and leverage synergies. While some previous engagements have been transactional, Finyx indent to build service offerings to deliver a more holistic response to the challenges relevant in the current socio-economic landscape.

Cyber Security Advisory

Insight and strategic direction on the evolving cyber threat landscape, cyber risks management and appropriate responses based on an organisations cyber risk appetite. Our practice aligns our deliverables to industry standard frameworks such as IS27001 or NIST to help forecast and measure the impact of changes to the organisations security posture.

Privacy Advisory

Consulting services to help organisations assess their information privacy posture and identify blind spots / opportunities for improvement, positioned using the Confidentiality / Integrity / Availability (CIA) triad. Specific assessments of exposure to the GDPR legislation.

Operational Resilience

Assessment of overall maturity of operational resilience of an organisations services, including critical service discovery and analysis, mapping the required people, systems, data and locations against each service. Where resilience falls below the required target, options to improve resilience are identified. Aligns to financial services operational resilience requirements.

Regulatory Tech Compliance

Identification of technical regulatory oversight and obligations for an organisation and an assessment of technical compliance risks.

Where non-compliance is identified we will present a likely impact scenario and mitigation options that are commensurate with potential impacts.

Sustainability & Social Impact

Review or development of a Corporate and Social Responsibility policy and associated standards, plans and procedures against a practical best practice. Alongside the moral imperative for an organisation to have a credible CSR position, this is increasingly a factor in RFI / RFP processes and the absence of one can result in exclusion.

Lead –   Jim Woodcock

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