Next-Gen Operating Model

Build a high performing technology function and deliver on your strategic plans

Developing an operating model that balances agility, cost and control is increasingly challenging as the lines between IT and business functions blur. We work alongside you to develop the cross-functional structures, governance and skills you need to engage with both internal and external stakeholders and deliver a service that seamlessly embeds technology throughout your organisation.
The kind of questions we help you answer

How can I ensure my Service Owners (AKA Product Managers) are accountable for all aspects of End-to-End delivery (including financial and commercial elements), not just engineering and technical issues?

How can my organisation balance the value of a common set of shared services with the specific needs of individual Business Units?

How can my organisation embrace Agile practice whilst also retaining more traditional delivery methods where needed?

How can my organisation embrace emerging and new technologies?

Our Offerings
  • Organisation Design & Transformation

    Design and implement a Target Operating Model for your business, aimed at aligning all elements of the enterprise in order to increase performance and deliver business strategy over the short and long-term.
  • Governance

    Build an efficient Governance Model to enable effective decision making by senior leaders.
  • Agile Operating Model

    Provide guidance and assistance to organisations in adopting an Agile Operating Model characterised by a network of teams, establishing cross functional teams that use data to drive key decisions by those that are closest to the information.
  • Value Chain and Process Optimisation

    Design and implement processes across all layers of your organisation using the most appropriate methodology ensuring that value is released rapidly.
  • Cloud Optimisation

    Guide and assist on how to adapt your operating model as you move from traditional infrastructure to public cloud, delivering increased agility in a controlled and cost optimised manner. 
  • Service Orientation

    Orientate the IT function and its supply chain around a well-defined set of services with a strong focus on the end to end accountability of the service owner role (AKA Product Manager)
Next-gen operating model contacts
  • Chris Northrop – Managing Consultant
  • Tom Morgan – Senior Consultant

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