Intelligent Strategic Sourcing

Identify the correct suppliers and services to partner with your organisation

Differentiating between the plethora of suppliers and services on the market is a lengthy and costly process. A sourcing approach that balances cost, value and culture will provide your organisation with a repeatable framework, enabling you to identify and collaborate with the correct suppliers, faster. Our real-world sourcing experience, accelerator tools and insights help with managing complex supplier ecosystems providing the results and execution you really want.
The kind of questions we help you answer

Do I have value for money in my supply chain?

What routes to market do I have and how do I describe my requirements to the market?

How do I measure and optimise supplier performance?

How do I exit my contract or supplier relationship in the most cost-effective way?

  • Supply Chain Strategy & Design

    Enable organisations to create a step-change in commercial capability and supplier engagement. Identify opportunities for improvement by baselining and benchmarking. Review supply chain approaches across people, processes and technology / tooling.
  • Procurement Strategy & Execution

    Provide advisory and execution services for entire procurement lifecycle, utilising proven methodologies for private and public sectors (such as our market leading Solution Requirements Framework). Covering all aspects of procurement including technology, HR, legal and finance.
  • Performance & Relationship Management

    Establish meaningful SLAs and KPIs in managed service agreements (including SIAM and Tower Models). Develop supplier relationship frameworks and approaches, to drive value beyond the contract and develop supplier partnerships. Gain insight and intelligence from our Supplier Playbooks.
  • Exit & Transition

    Equip your organisation with approaches for managing supplier exits and changing strategic supply bases. Manage step-in, step-down and step-out of contracts to minimise the impact to the business and to aid the transition for the client, as well as incumbent and future suppliers.
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