Finyx NI – What makes us unique?

2nd November 2022

Finyx established its Northern Ireland office in December 2021 and formally launched in the NI market in March of this year. Since then, our growth has exceeded targets and expectations, and we have grown our team of two to a team of 15 consultants who are delivering complex and challenging consultancy projects.

We pride ourselves on providing a unique working environment and recognise that our culture is what makes us different to other firms and organisations. Freedom to develop and the ability to try new things is a given, but with that comes the responsibility to behave and lead in a way that is in line with our values. We balance our teams with people who have significant line-management experience alongside those with exceptional consulting skills.

So, what are our values and how do we make these real in innovative and effective ways?

Life and Work

We believe work is an important part of life; you spend a large portion of your life with colleagues and clients, and thus we want it to be challenging, rewarding and fun. However, by any measure we consider our people’s private life to be their priority, especially during a crisis.

We recognise how challenging it can be to manage the demands of work and personal life and we pride ourselves on having open dialogues with our people. We have launched a Mental Health Champions scheme which aims to bring the right support structures to our people, especially in times when they are struggling. Our open approach to this is exemplified in some of the articles our people have written and shared publicly, discussing their touching personal stories.

Recognising Real People

Everyone who works for us understands how they are personally supporting our business and our clients. In return, we understand that they need to look after their children, drop their car at the garage, and go to the dentist. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be real people and our clients wouldn’t trust them to deliver. We trust our people to manage their time and give them the autonomy to do so. 

To show appreciation for all the hard work we do, a variety of social events are held throughout the year. From meals out to our company off-site earlier this year (and one already scheduled for 2023), we regularly have the opportunity to meet each other in informal and relaxed settings. These occasions are a time for our team to unwind, get to know each other and enjoy spending time away from their computer screens and talk about something other than IT!

Company offsite 2022

Own Your Career    

Performance management at Finyx is a continuous dialogue, not just an annual event. If people want something to change, we want them to speak up. We tell all our new joiners ‘You own your career – we’re here to facilitate it!’. 

We encourage learning and development across the board at Finyx, whether this is through attaining formal qualifications, attending conferences and events, or through other initiatives such as our Finyx Bootcamps. We do performance and promotion reviews on a quarterly basis which allows our people to get regular feedback from their coach and mentors, whilst also providing 4 opportunities for promotion each year.

Outside of The Box

We encourage our people to think big – and promise not to shoot down ideas if they can demonstrate how they think it will benefit the firm, our people and/or our clients. This is exactly how our Belfast Office came to be… our two NI directors came up with an idea to build an office here, pitched it to Finyx leadership, and with a lot of support have launched and grown it significantly over the last nine months.

To support our values, we have several internal initiatives, all employee-owned and driven.  These include a CSR board, an Inclusion, Diversity & Equality Board, our Women in Tech group and our Sustainability Working Group, who have developed a Carbon Footprint Plan to help us minimise our environmental impact across the organisation.

York Bootcamp 2021

Why work for us?

We truly believe that we bring a fresh perspective to the world of technology consultancy and are a unique organisation in the NI market. Our working experience is not characterised by red-eye flights and video calls into the night.

Our values, philosophy of autonomy and team spirit set us apart and we’re proud to approach our work in an open, honest and authentic manner. Through our rapid growth this year, we have demonstrated how our different approach to consultancy is resonating with people in the NI market; we offer opportunities to work on complex and high-value projects in an environment that provides ownership and support to flourish in their careers.


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