Enterprise Service Management

Design and delivery of a service-oriented approach providing end-users with high-quality, repeatable services.

The provision of IT-related services is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy, producing value not just for customers, but also economic returns for the service providers. We recognise that delivering a cost-effective, high quality service is not just about the technology; it also requires competent skilled professionals, well defined processes and access to real time accurate data in order to succeed. Service provision also needs to adapt to ongoing developments such as cloud and agile ways of working.
The kind of questions we help you answer

Do our Service Management processes add real business value or are they more of an overhead?

Do our Service Management processes align with and support our ways of working?

Does my service reporting focus on the real issues and allow me to drive positive change?

Are our Service Management tools and processes fit for purpose?

  • Service Management Assessment

    In-depth review of the effectiveness and the value derived from the organisation’s Service Management processes using industry frameworks (ITIL / COBIT etc.). Identification of areas for improvement and development of prioritised remediation plans.
  • Service Improvement

    Implementing process improvements and evolving services to support new ways of working e.g. DevOps, remote working. Designing effective service reporting and governance. Improving comms to end-users. Creating fit-for-purpose SLAs and OLAs. Ensuring that systems and processes are resilient.
  • Service Management Implementation

    Designing and building entire service management functions or individual processes; often driven by corporate integration or separation programmes. Implementation of Service Desk and SIAM functions. Producing SM role descriptions, operations manuals / run books.
  • Service Management Tooling

    Assessment of existing tooling, advisory support for the implementation of new tools, developing the business case, working with our technology partners to implement ESM solutions.
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